November 14, 2011

Recall Walker?

If this will be the cycle, lets just have a 6 month term with a 1 term limit. I for one have had it with the oh so clever political ads. (they think) I am against all recalls unless there is an obvious reason, like a felony level infraction. The reason I heard on NPR today was Walker lied during his campain. Are you serious? Are you kidding me? A politician that lied during a campaign? That is a pretty low bar to set for a standard. Has ther been a politician in recent history that didn't lie in his campaign? Remember Jim Doyle's evolution from being an anti gambling Attorney General to his last campaign promising not to raise taxes? Please.

If you don't like Walker, just wait. vote him out, and undo all the things he does then. It's pendulum politics. It's your turn then.  It's the only way to preserve the Status Quo.

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