December 24, 2015

Christmas is Catching Up to Me

It's been a tough year for me. After suffering since last New Year, my mother passed away from Sarcoidosis in June on my father's birthday in July. There was some relief in knowing she wasn't suffering any longer. There are three things will stay with me forever.

  • ·      The expression on her face when we looked at each other the last time.
  • ·      The horror of artificial life support.
  • ·      The absolute gut wrenching emotions flowing through you when you make the decision to end life support and the waiting for the end hoping there is no pain.

My father had Parkinson Disease and was doing OK. They had been married for 58 years and missed her terribly. In October, Dad needed to be taken to the hospital because of feeling light headed. He was there just over a week and things were looking good. We were planning on his release in a few days. I had just left to do some chores when my brother contacted me to get back right away. Dad had just had a convulsion of some sort and things looked bad. When I got back, we weren't allowed in the room. We were then told he was gone. His heart had stopped.

And like that, I was without the two people who to me were the best parents anyone could ever ask for. I am sharing the duties of estate matters with my brother who is also dealing with this. A house full of memories that must be treasured distributed to family or disposed of.

As I sit here, I remember exactly one year ago today, looking forward to Christmas dinner at their house. There were no storm clouds, no warning of what was coming. It was all good.

So yes, it's been a rough year.

December 16, 2013

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

I am amazed how great Trans-Siberian Orchestra sounds year after year! We watched an awesome, amazing show last night in Milwaukee. I'm hoping for a mid-season tour like Beethoven's Last Night or Night Castle. If not, will definitely be there next year for the new Christmas show!
#TSO #Trans-SiberianOrchestra

October 27, 2013

Mac 10.9 Mavericks install a little tricky this time

I tried to install Mavericks (MacOS 10.9), but it stopped because it could not create a Recovery Partition.

After some research,

  • I installed Mavericks onto an external USB drive, 
  • booted from that, 
  • formatted the Mac HD partition, 
  • installed to that and 
  • Boom, I was done. 
Note any drive to be installed to needs to formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Then I upgraded Windows on the Boot Camp partition to 8.1 but that went pretty smooth.

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