March 10, 2013

This weekend was certainly a historical weekend.

Today we watched the Making of Milwaukee on PBS. It was an extremely interesting show that touched on all waves of immigrants. It showed the growth of the neighborhoods for each and how they contributed to the enrichment of Milwaukee. It was in the 1920's that the idea of immigrants taking away all the jobs put a quota system into place and forced them to quickly learn English.

Yesterday was the big day, however. Sharon's brother Steve arranged for our families and their mother to go to the Field Museum in Chicago. We took the train to Chicago and met at the museum. Once there, we were given a private showing in the archive and storage areas of discoveries from their grandfather when he was part of an archeological exhibition in Iraq in the 1920's. It was in an area known as Kish and just a few miles from ancient Babylon. When we went into the storage area, it was all i could do to not think we had just walked into Warehouse 13. We could have spent hours there looking at the artifacts in storage. The hallways leading to it were full of pictures and maps that I wish I would have had more time to look at. After the showing, we all had lunch, (thanks again, Steve). We more or less split into groups then. We partially went through the Egyptian exhibit, but ran out of time. We needed to head back to catch our train.

It was one of the most interesting days I have had in a long time.

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