September 12, 2011

Remembering 911

After watching some shows on 9/11with my daughter, I have some strong feelings on some of this. Whem it happened, I was working in Prairie du Chien. Every government agency from local to government went on high alert. There had never been an attack like this and who knew how far it would go? The main concern out there was if a few locks were destroyed, what havoc would that cause? What I remember most, was how we were all Americans. There was no left, no right, no discrimination, at least at first. Sadly it wasn't long at all before it was politicized and remains that way. Try flying in a plane now, or even some public buildings. It has gone overboard.

I asked my daughter (6 years old, then) if she knew what happened and how she was told. Her school had never mentioned it, but she knew from mom some planes had flown into buildings and some people were killed. I asked her how they review it now. They don't, not at all. Zip, zero nada. It was brought up in homeroom as an informal conversation. Most of the students (again 6 years old when it happened) feel it was so long ago, people should just get over it. The teacher expressed his disbelief of their apathy. Sept 11 will fade to just another printed note on calenders like Dec 7 and June 6, two other dates that have sadly lost significance.

I probably would have watched some memorial service coverage, but was at work. I would have thought that it would also have been politicized. Apparently those thoughts were unfounded.

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